Injection Molding

JSN offers custom tooling development for our customers featuring the same standards of precision and attention to details that has built our packaging reputation over the past 30 years. Because we are exclusively dedicated to plastic packaging manufacturing, we are uniquely skilled and knowledgeable with respect to the criteria and requirements of plastic tooling development.

JSN routinely takes a customer's concept from product design (model, part drawing, and prototype) to full scale production. We employ cutting edge CAD technology, solid works, and premier mold makers to construct our customer's and JSN's own tooling. For companies with existing tools, we offer analysis and reconditioning to extend tool life.

Just as "form follows function" in container and closure design, we also believe that "image is everything" in product design and packaging. We emphasize both of these criteria in our efforts to create an end product that is superior in every regard. This is the philosophy that has attracted and earned the loyalty of our nationally recognized name brand customers.